Instagram In-App Browser

Role ········· Product Designer
Medium ········· Digital

Tools ········· Sketch, Origami, Quip
Skills Involved ········· Product Strategy, Concept Exploration, Ideation, Communication, Iteration, Prototyping

Before and After (2019 → 2020)

Despite how many people rely on the browser to dive deeper into content every day, our browser at the beginning of 2019 was not conducive for day-to-day browsing.

Some of the top issues we surfaced from research and data were around accidental closes, revisitation and transaction.


Over the span of one year, our team did a lot of work to make the browser more usable for the key jobs that people were hiring the browser for:

1. Usability: We wanted to first tackle some of the top usability concerns of the browser. Our goals were to:
  • reduce accidental closes
  • allow users to self-remediate errors
  • be clear when users have hit an error
  • make it easier to share links with friends, and
  • ensure that the browser gets out of the way when users are browsing content
Features: full screen browser, browser refresh, updated error states, sharing links via Direct, and shrinking header

2. Revisitation: After solving for the most pressing usability concerns, we wanted to help people pick up whether they left off. This was a huge problem for the browser, as there was no easy way to revisit any past links that you’ve opened. Instead, people often needed to find hacks to save content they weren’t finished with, either by opening it in Safari, or copying the links into their notes. Our goal here was very simple, which was to help people pick up whether they left off.
Features: Browser History

3. Transaction: Lastly, we wanted to help make transaction seamless. Our goals were to:
  • allow people to opt-into autofilling their info and
  • help people understand whether or not a site was secure
Features: contact autofill, payment autofill, and security indicator

Overall, we were able to improve the usability of the browser, and expand on the functionalities that help make browsing more seamless within the app. If you’re interested in learning more about this project in depth, please don’t hesitate to reach out.