I Like to Travel and Take Photos

Role ········· Photographer
Medium ········· Digital

Tools ········· Fujifilm XE-2

I love travelling and taking photos. One of my favorite parts of being a creative is that it allows me to live and experience life, do things completely unrelated to my job, and still have it strengthen me in my field. I believe that ideas are just things you know and experience, connected in new, unique ways. So the more I know and the more I experience, the bigger the possibilities are in what I’m able to ideate. 

One of my favorite parts of travelling is observing how life is lived from a different lens. While I love travelling with friends and family, I also love travelling alone because it means that I can spend 3 hours in a market or a plaza observing the dynamics, and capturing special moments that I want to remember. Below are some tidbits from my travels. More on my instagram and my highlights (@cheryl).