My name is Cheryl and I’m currently a designer at Retro (Previously Facebook and Instagram). In school, I did a joint-major between Marketing (BBA, Beedie School of Business) and Digital Design (BA, School of Interactive Arts and Technology).

I grew up in a traditional Asian family in a non-traditional, Western environment in Vancouver, BC. As a result of my upbringing, I’ve always felt like I was a the mixture of two things, but never fully one thing. This was reaffirmed when I decided on my studies. I love the logic and strategy of business but the confined freedom and creativity in design. As a result of constantly observing a situation from the opposing point of view, I’ve grown to become very curious about the idea of perspectives. This is why I chose to study marketing and design, to understand these varying perspectives and to create things suited for them.

I love to make things. I love working with my hands, to draw, to sculpt, to create. I love being on programs because I can create even more in these new mediums and platforms. On this site, are the results of my curiosity in perspectives and my love for making things.

E-mail: cherylpychan@gmail.com
Instagram: @cheryl
I watch these four Stefan Sagmeister TED videos every few months
I also obsessively pin things